Shrite App: The Best File Sharing App For Android and PC

Shrite or ShareIt App is a popular file-sharing the app by Lenovo, which helps us to share unlimited file sharing app across different devices, including mobile phone and PC. The old days had gone when we used Bluetooth connectivity to share files across different devices.Shrite App Download. Shareit app without ads

Share it App is available for Mobile Phones and PC. Just download Shrite App on both devices to share anything faster than before. Here I will explain how to download Shrite App on Mobile and PC.[quads id=1]

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Now we can send large files including movies to another mobile phone in a few minutes without even a cable. It is more convenient as it does not require any cable and faster compared to traditional Bluetooth file transfer.

Shrite App Features

Now let us see the fantastic features of Shrite App.

  1. Share files between different devices for free.
  2. Faster file sharing across different devices, including Mobile Phone and PC.
  3. Every time you do not need to carry a data cable to share the files to your between your laptop and PC.
  4. Share files with your friends without an internet connection.
  5. Cross-Platform File Sharing.

Download Shrite App for Mobile Phone

Shrite App is available for download for both Android and iOS phone. iOS users can download the app from the iOS store for free.

Users those who have access to the Google Play Store can download the ShareIt App form the Google Play Store itself. Just go to the Google Play Store and download Shrite App in a few taps.

I recommend you to download Shrite App for mobile from the Google Play Store only as it is more secure compared to other app sources.

If you do not have access to the Google Play Store, then you can download Shrite APK and install it into your Android Smartphone for free.[quads id=1]


Follow the steps below to install Shrite APK into your Android Smartphone.

  1.  Go to settings and enable “Unknown App Installation”. The location of this option may vary depending upon your mobile phone model. In most of the Android Smartphones, it is located in the ” Security” option.
    install apk file
  2. After enabling” Unknown Source App Installation” download the APK file from the link mentioned above.
  3. Just tap on the download file as the download completes. You can find downloaded Shrite APK file on the notification bar and tap on it.
  4. Done!

Now open Shrite and create a profile just by adding a name and profile pic. After creating a profile, you are ready to go.

How to Share File with another device?

To share a file between different devices, you must have the Shareit App installed on both the devices. Follow the steps below to share data to another device.

  1. Tap on the ” Send” icon which you can see just below the search box.
  2. Now choose the file which you want to send to another device. For example, if you’re going to send a video tap on “Videos” and it will display all the available videos.
  3. Tap on the video which you want to share with your friend and tap on the ” Send” icon at the bottom.
  4.  A new window will open up on the screen and allow all the permissions. Now the device starts to scan the nearby equipment and display the username of the adjacent device.
    Hey there? Saneesh here today, I am going to show you how to use Shrite apps or Share it App to transfer file on high speed across different devices like Android Phone, iOs or PC. There are three methods I am going to Teach you.Shrite App For PC Downloa How to transfer files from your laptop to a mobile phone such as Android phone, Windows phone or iOS phone? First of all, you have to install Shrite App into all devices to send or receive files. Go to download page for the safe and secure download links. Shrite App Safe Download Page How to Install Shareit App on Windows PC To install the Lenovo Shrite apps in Windows PC, just follow the steps that I explain here. What I am doing here is a simple installation procedure. You can finish this quickly without any trouble if you follow the guide exactly as I said. Shrite apps-For PC /Laptop|share it apk latest 1. Open the file which you downloaded from the above link and click on Run, and it will ask you for permission give proper permission and press finish. 2. Now app will be installed on your pc and icon is there on your desktop/Laptop Click on It. 3. Click on start, and you can even give a name here. So I will give the name "Shrite apps laptop." (and remember one thing this method only works with a computer having a Wi-Fi adaptor, if you have a USB Wi-Fi adaptor to a desktop also you can perform this method without Wi-Fi) 4. Ater this installation path in PC /laptop, 1st part is done now (NOTE-If it ask for a password fill it once) 5. Now we will go to mobile, so this is my Android phone. I have already downloaded the Shareit app from Play Store and already installed this free file transfer app. Now we have successfully installed Sharit App on both mobile phone and PC. Now let us see how to transfer files across the same and different devices. How To Transfer Files Faster Between a Mobile Phone and PC 1. Open the Shrite apps which are already installed on both windows laptop and also in Android phone. For demo purpose, let us send a file from a mobile phone to a laptop. 2. Tap on the square icon located on the right upper corner of the app[Next to Search Bar]. Select "Connect PC" from the drop-down menu. Shrite App 3. As you tap on the "Connect PC," it will start to search for the nearby devices and show your PC name on the mobile phone screen as shown in the picture. 4. Now just tap on the icon on the screen to connect your mobile phone to PC. Enter the Password if it asked for it. The password is located in the "Settings" Shareit PC. Shareit App 5. As you enter the password, a pop-up will appear on Shrite App on PC and accept it. Now the mobile phone and PC connected and now you can send any file from mobile phone to PC. What if we want to send files from PC to mobile phone? To send a file from PC to Mobile phone, open Share it App on the PC and search for the nearby mobile device. Follow the same steps that we did to connect the mobile phone to the PC. Features of Shrite Apps (Shareit). Shareit app can send anything including file, folder, videos, apps, etc. It is 40 times faster than Bluetooth file transfer. Shrite group sharing supports up to five devices Easy to use. Download Shareit for PC with Bluestacks This is an old process, but this method is quite efficient for the PC. Download BlueStacks Android emulator for PC. Once you have done with the installation, sign in to the app using Google ID and Password. Now open Google Play Store in the BlueStacks Emulator and search for Shrite App. And Download the app into your PC as you do in your Android Mobile Phone. This is another method to download the Shrite App for PC. You can also download Share it App into PC using Youwave Android Emulator. Download Shareit for PC with Youwave If you face any issue with BlueStacks Android Emulator, then you can use another popular Android Emulator called Youwave to download Shrite App for PC. Download Youwave Android Emulator. After installation, search and download Shareit app into PC as we did on BlueStacks. Wait until the app gets installed into your PC. That's it you have successfully implemented downloading of Shareit for PC. Cons Of Shareit App All the coin has two sides, likewise. This app also has some drawbacks. Now let us see some disadvantageous of this app. It is loaded with irritating commercials. Sometimes it does not easily connect across the devices. I hope you people liked the tutorial on How to Download Shareit for PC/Laptop and please let us know if you have any problems with the above guide with your valuable comments.
  5. Now tap on your friend’s username to send a file to him.
  6. The Shareit app will transfer the file to your friend’s device two times faster than Bluetooth.

Remember to open the Shareit App on the Receiver device and tap on the ” Receive” icon just below the search box after the second step.

How to Download Shareit File Sharing App into PC?

Shareit app is not only for mobile phone. You can download it on your PC to share files between mobile and PC. There are two methods to download and install the Shareit App into the PC.

Method 1

In this first method, we are using Bluestacks Android Emulator to install Shareit Android App into PC. Just follow the steps below,

  1. Download the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC.
  2. Installation process may take some time depending upon your PC’s performance.
  3. After installation, login to Bluestacks using a Google ID and Password.
  4. As you complete the registration, the Google Play Store icon displayed on the Bluestacks home screen.
  5. Now open the Google Play Store and search for Shareit App in the Search Box and download the app into PC.

Method 2

Now let us see the second method to download Shareit for PC. In this method, you do not need to download Bluestacks Software into PC. The second method is recommended if you do not want to use Android Apps on your PC.[quads id=1]

Download Shareit For PC from here.

Download the app from the above link and install Shrite for PC as you install any other software into PC.

How to Transfer Files from Mobile To PC?

  1. Open the Shareit on PC.
  2. Now you can either scan QR Code using a mobile phone, or you can “Search Hotspot of Mobile” to send a file.
  3. The file starts to transmit as both the devices get connected.
  4. Done.

Now you can any files between PC and Mobile device without a cable connection or internet connection using Shareit for free. So you do not need to carry a USD Cable every time for a data transfer between PC and Mobile phone.

Common issues with Shareit App

Here are some common issues which you may face while using Shareit App. Most of the time, you may face some difficulty in connectivity. Follow below solutions to fix the problem.

  1. Make sure that both the devices are kept together.
  2. Make sure that permission to access location is enabled.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth if your device is running on Android 6.0 or above.
  4. Tap on Connect with PC if you are trying to connect with a PC from a mobile device and do vice versa while trying to connect with mobile from PC.

I think this article on how to download Shriteit App for Android and PC was helpful for you in sending files faster between different devices. Share your thoughts in comments below.

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